Auckland’s Best New Fencing Solution


As Auckland’s best fencing contractors, we provide a range of high-quality fencing in wood and aluminium construction.


Wood Fencing

A secure and reliable choice is wood fencing. You cannot go wrong with the beauty and the longevity that timber fences offer. At Quality Fencing Auckland we focus on the longevity of our products along with unbeatable finishes and cost. If you need a modern-day trellis or a traditional picket fence, our selection of wood fencing can deliver the perfect results.

With our variety of fencing Auckland customers are encouraged to contact us for high quality designs and installations. We use the best materials that will withstand our hot summer sun and rainy seasons. Only high-grade materials are incorporated in every design because we believe in creating fencing that will last.

If you wish to install a beautifully crafted wood fence or boundary in a timber finish, then contact us for a quotation on 0800658001 today!


Aluminium Fencing

Fences are constructed in different materials and styles. From the North Shore to the South and West, you need a fence to withstand the elements, requires little maintenance, and delivers a modern appearance. The material to deliver on every point, is aluminium. With aluminium fencing Auckland homes and businesses can take advantage of a metallic look or may complement the theme of the property with a powder coated finish.


The Best Fencing for Your Needs

Because we are specialists experienced and knowledgeable in fence design and installation, we can advise on the most valuable products for your secure needs.

If you can think it, we can create it! Our fence designs include:

✔ Trellis

✔ Rails

✔ Slats

✔ Picket

✔ Paling

✔ Lapped

✔ Palisade and more.

With our fencing Auckland residential and commercial customers are provided structures that are visually pleasing and designed to last.

When you choose our professional fencing contractors there are no delays, no incomplete workmanship, and no compromises. We deliver on our promises of impressive fences that serve to secure your property and increase its value.

Along with gates and fencing to create a boundary, we provide fully custom pool fences. With modern pool fencing Auckland customers can maintain the safety of the swimming pool and its surrounds. Our modern approach and stylish design provide valuable and impressive solutions. Whether you need a wood finish or the longevity of aluminium, we guarantee our quality and our finishes.

Contact for sophisticated, classic, and contemporary fencing our Auckland contractors can provide.