What is the best timber for retaining wall?

The choice of timber for a retaining wall depends on various factors, including the desired aesthetic, durability, and resistance to decay and insect infestation. Some commonly used timber species for retaining walls in New Zealand include treated pine, macrocarpa, and hardwoods like vitex or kwila.

Here are a few timber options with their general specifications and some examples of suppliers in Auckland:

  1. Treated Pine:

– Specifications: Treated pine is a cost-effective option that is commonly used for retaining walls. It is treated with preservatives to increase its resistance to decay and insects.

– Suppliers: You can find treated pine timber for retaining walls at various timber merchants and hardware stores in Auckland, such as ITM, Bunnings, and Placemakers.


  1. Macrocarpa:

– Specifications: Macrocarpa is a New Zealand native softwood known for its natural durability and resistance to decay. It has an attractive appearance and is often used for retaining walls in landscaping projects.

– Suppliers: Macrocarpa timber can be sourced from specialist timber suppliers, local sawmills, or landscaping supply stores in Auckland. Some examples include Cypress Sawmill and Macrocarpa Supplies Ltd.


  1. Hardwoods (e.g., Vitex or Kwila):

– Specifications: Hardwood species like vitex or kwila are known for their strength, durability, and natural resistance to decay and insect attack. They have a beautiful appearance and can withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

– Suppliers: Hardwood timber for retaining walls can be obtained from timber specialists, decking suppliers, or hardwood timber merchants in Auckland. Some examples include Niagara Sawmilling Company and Rosenfeld Kidson & Co.

It’s important to note that availability and specific product specifications may vary among suppliers. It is recommended to contact the suppliers directly or visit their websites to inquire about the availability, pricing, and specific product options for your retaining wall project in Auckland.