The City’s Leading Fencing Contractors and Fence Repair Specialists

Quality Fencing Auckland are your premium fence repair and new fence installation contractors. Providing services for all types of timber fencing, wooden decking and retaining walls, Auckland homeowners and businesses can trust our professionalism and commitment to delivering a high quality finish. From fully customized fences, to gates, wooden decks, and timber retaining walls, we use only premium materials to ensure our installs and repairs are built to last.

No matter the size of your next fencing requirement or the contemporary style desired, with our professional deck builders and fencing contractors, we provide unmatched solutions throughout Auckland.

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    Specialized Fence Repairs with Guaranteed Workmanship

    Is your fence, wooden deck or timber retaining wall looking tired or damaged?  We specialize in repairing all types of fences, gates, decks and retaining walls for residential and commercial properties.


    The Region's Premier Fence Building Contractors |

    Call us today to ensure your fence gets built the right way. Our fences are built to last! We pride ourselves on our reputation as the leading provider of fencing contractors.

    Types of Fence Repairs

    As Auckland’s best fence repair professionals, we can fix slats, hinges, rust, and in-operation. If you need secure pool fencing our contractors will inspect the pool area and current fence structure before advising on the materials and fixtures needed to secure the pool and repair damage.

    With our professional fence builders Auckland homes and businesses will receive the highest quality repairs, including but not limited to:

    • Alignment issues
    • Rotten wood
    • Cracks
    • Replacement slats and boards
    • Sag
    • Poor operation

    Costs for Fence Repair

    We offer fair and competitive rates for fence repairs throughout Auckland. Speak to us for a detailed quote and guaranteed service solutions.

    We Maintain Strict Health and Safety Standards

    In light of COVID-19, our fencing contractors are committed to maintaining social distancing and strict protocol as per the region’s Alert Level. We prioritize your health and safety by implementing secure standards with every repair service.

    Fencing and other services

    Deck Installation
    There is no doubt that a well-constructed wooden deck adds visual appeal, value, and natural charm to any space. As professional deck builders Auckland homes and businesses can take advantage of our expertise and attention to detail. We choose the finest timber and materials to ensure a lasting deck with an incredible finish.
    Fence Installation
    As Auckland’s best fencing contractors, we provide a range of high-quality fencing in wood and aluminium construction.
    Fence Repairs
    Whether your fence has lost a slat or suffered physical damage, call on us immediately. Early signs of damage can be managed, and further deterioration prevented, the sooner we can restore its condition. For all types of fence repairs Auckland homes and businesses are encouraged to contact us for guaranteed services.
    Gate Installation and Repairs
    We are specialized in the design, build and install of new gates for your commercial and residential property. Whether your home needs a pedestrian gate, swing gate, or automated gate, we are here to help you.
    Retaining Walls
    Our team take pride in building retaining walls that are well built, strong and attractive. Whether you need new fencing for privacy or wish to add to your current boundary, simply contact us and our fencing experts will determine the most cost-effective and attractive solutions.
    We make sure all our tools, equipment and vehicles are fully maintained, ensuring our jobs get completed without any issues
    All our staff come with years of fence building and fence repair experience.
    We make certain our onsite assessments are thorough and cover all aspects to make certain our planners have all the detail they need to schedule the fencing job accurately.
    Our Fencing contractors provide services to all of Auckland's leafy suburbs and beyond.
    Our team and client’s safety is paramount. We always ensure our staff have all the Health Safety training they need to keep your job site safe.
    We understand the challenges customers face with construction projects and always ensure we deliver excellent customer service to ease that burden.
    We work with all project stakeholders (the client, surveyors, engineers and builders) to ensure the plan is executed within budget and time constraints.
    As soon as our team have completed scheduling and estimating we will follow through with a quote for you to approve
    Regardless of the job size. We make certain our project plans are always efficient and work with the other contractors to ensure our clients have positive outcomes.

    Why Choose Us?

    We understand that a new fence, gate, or deck is a property investment. Our selection of materials and craftsmanship ensures that our repairs and installs are of a high standard with every job. Homes and business can rest assured newly installed structures and fixtures will be durable and long lasting.

    Fencing Contractors You Can Trust

    • We provide obligation-free quotes.
    • Our team of contractors delivers unbeatable value.
    • We maintain strict health and safety standards.
    • We guarantee the quality of our materials and workmanship.

    Fencing Services to Protect and Secure Your Home and Business

    Do you need to improve your security? Are you interested in building a privacy fence or retaining wall? Do not compromise on the standard of services you can receive when you call us for fencing repairs and installation in Auckland. With years of experience and knowledge of the best practices, we are sure to satisfy your expectations.


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