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What is Pressure-Treated Timber?

Diving into Pressure-Treated Timber Timber has been a go-to material for construction for ages. The natural allure and structural integrity it offers are unparalleled. However, to combat the susceptibilities of wood like decay, insects, and fungi, pressure-treated timber has emerged as a favoured choice in places like Auckland.   The Science Behind Pressure-Treated Timber Pressure-treated … Continue reading What is Pressure-Treated Timber?

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How Quickly Does Pinus Radiata Grow in NZ?

New Zealand is renowned for its forestry industry, with Pinus Radiata, also known as Radiata Pine, being the predominant species. Radiata Pine has many characteristics that make it highly suitable for the country’s environmental conditions and commercial timber needs.   Radiata Pine grows exceptionally fast in New Zealand, reaching harvestable size in around 25-30 years, … Continue reading How Quickly Does Pinus Radiata Grow in NZ?

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