Quality Fencing Auckland: Enhancing Outdoor Living in Howick


Nestled in the historic suburb of Howick, Quality Fencing Auckland brings expert craftsmanship and innovative design to every outdoor project. Our team is dedicated to transforming the outdoor spaces of Howick residents, from the picturesque Bleakhouse Road to the charming streets of Howe Street, Moore Street, Angelo Avenue, Wellington Street, and Pegler Drive. We specialize in a range of services that cater to the unique needs and styles of this vibrant community.


Deck Builder Howick

  • Design Adaptability for Unique Spaces: We understand that every home in Howick has its unique charm, whether it’s the waterfront views from homes on Wellington Street or the urban feel on Howe Street. Our deck designs are adaptable to these unique spaces, ensuring that they complement your home’s setting and maximize the available outdoor area.
  • Expertise in Multi-Level Deck Construction: For homes on the hilly terrains of Howick, such as those on Moore Street, we specialize in multi-level decks that utilize the vertical space effectively, providing multiple areas for different activities.
  • Eco-Friendly Decking Options: Mindful of the environment, we also offer eco-friendly decking options, using sustainable materials that reduce environmental impact without compromising on quality or aesthetics.
  • Customization to Enhance Lifestyle: We focus on customization to enhance your lifestyle, whether it’s creating an outdoor kitchen area for the culinary enthusiast or a peaceful zen space for relaxation. Our decks are more than just structures; they are lifestyle enhancements.



Retaining Walls Builder Howick

  • Innovative Design for Challenging Landscapes: In Howick, where landscapes can be as diverse as its community, we bring innovative design solutions to retaining walls, ensuring they fit naturally into your garden or yard, whether you’re near the coastal areas or in the heart of the suburb.
  • Retaining Walls as Landscape Features: Beyond their practical purpose, our retaining walls serve as beautiful landscape features. We incorporate creative elements like seating or water features, making these walls an integral part of your garden’s aesthetic.
  • Soil and Water Management: Our retaining walls are not just about holding back soil; they are also about managing water flow and drainage, essential in areas like Pegler Drive, ensuring your property remains safe and dry.
  • Compliance with Local Regulations: We ensure that all our retaining wall constructions comply with local council regulations, providing you with peace of mind regarding the legality and safety of your investment.

We are dedicated to transforming your outdoor space in Howick into a functional and aesthetically pleasing haven. Our custom solutions for decks and retaining walls are designed to meet your specific needs, ensuring that each project we undertake enhances the unique character of your property and adds value to your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to create an entertainment area, a peaceful outdoor retreat, or to manage a sloping landscape, our team has the expertise and creativity to bring your vision to life.



Gate Installation Howick

  • Tailored Design to Enhance Home Exteriors: Recognizing that a gate is often the first impression of your home, our designs are meticulously tailored to enhance the exteriors of Howick properties. For example, gates for the classic villas on Bleakhouse Road might feature ornate metalwork, while gates for modern residences on Howe Street may have sleek, minimalist designs.
  • Integration with Home Automation Systems: For those seeking advanced convenience, we offer gates that can be integrated with home automation systems, allowing for remote control and monitoring, a feature particularly appreciated by homeowners who travel frequently or value high-tech security solutions.
  • Material Selection for Durability and Aesthetics: We select materials that not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your gate but also ensure durability against the weather elements common in Howick, such as marine-grade metals and treated woods.



Fence Installation Howick and Fencing Repairs: Secure and Stylish Boundaries

  • Aesthetic Versatility to Match Local Architecture: We understand the architectural diversity of Howick, and our range of fencing options reflects this. For the stately homes along Wellington Street, traditional wooden fencing might be ideal, while contemporary composite fencing could suit the newer developments on Angelo Avenue.
  • Focus on Privacy and Noise Reduction: In addition to security, our fencing solutions can be designed to enhance privacy and reduce noise, a valuable feature for properties close to busy areas like Moore Street or near public spaces.
  • Specialized Fences for Pool Areas and Gardens: We also offer specialized fencing solutions for pool areas and gardens, ensuring safety without compromising on the visual appeal of your outdoor spaces.
  • Regular Maintenance and Inspection Services: To ensure the longevity of your fence, we offer regular maintenance and inspection services, addressing issues like weathering, wear and tear, and potential security vulnerabilities.

Our commitment to combining security with style is evident in our bespoke gate and fence installations. We take pride in enhancing the aesthetic appeal and safety of your Howick property, ensuring that every gate and fence we install is a testament to our craftsmanship and your personal style. Whether you’re looking to create a striking first impression with a new gate or seeking to enhance the security and beauty of your property with a stylish fence, we have the expertise and the range of options to meet your needs.



Innovative Fencing Options for Contemporary Homes

  • Customized Pool Fencing Howick: Our pool fencing solutions are tailored to each client’s needs, offering a variety of designs from sleek glass to sturdy aluminium. These options not only keep your pool area safe, especially for families with young children, but also enhance the beauty of your outdoor space. We consider the views and aesthetics of areas like Moore Street to ensure that our pool fencing complements your home and landscape.
  • Special Features for Enhanced Pool Safety: We incorporate features such as self-closing gates and child-proof locks into our pool fencing designs, ensuring they meet the stringent safety standards required in residential areas.
  • PVC Fencing – A Practical and Attractive Option: Our PVC fencing is popular among Howick residents for its durability and low maintenance. It stands up well to the Auckland weather, resisting fading and wear over time. It’s a great choice for properties along Howe Street, providing a clean and modern look without the need for frequent repainting or repairs.
  • Innovative Designs in Composite Fencing: For eco-conscious homeowners, particularly in areas like Angelo Avenue, our composite fencing is an ideal choice. Made from recycled materials, it offers the look and feel of wood without the environmental impact. It’s also resistant to rot and pests, making it a practical, long-lasting option for any Howick property.
  • Enhancing Local Aesthetics with Fencing Solutions: We ensure that our fencing solutions not only meet your personal needs but also enhance the overall look and feel of the Howick community. Whether it’s blending with the historic charm of the area or complementing the modern developments, our fences add to the suburb’s appeal.




Embracing Howick’s Heritage and Community Spirit

In Howick, where community, history, and scenic beauty intertwine, Quality Fencing Auckland is committed to providing fencing solutions that respect and enhance this unique blend. Our work is not just about building fences; it’s about contributing to the character and safety of one of Auckland’s most cherished suburbs. We take pride in our ability to offer modern, practical fencing solutions that align with Howick’s distinctive character, from the historic streets near Howick Historical Village to the contemporary homes with views of the Hauraki Gulf. Our goal is to ensure that each fencing project we undertake in Howick not only meets our clients’ needs but also contributes positively to the local community and its heritage.




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