Quality Fencing Auckland: Enhancing Kohimarama’s Lifestyle


Deck Builder Kohimarama

Quality Fencing Auckland excels in creating bespoke decks that harmonise with Kohimarama’s scenic backdrop. Our decks, perfect for enjoying the view along Melanesia Road, are designed to match the unique character of each home. We use premium materials for longevity and integrate custom features like built-in seating or planters, ensuring each deck is a personalised retreat.

  • Custom Designs: Tailored to fit the specific layout and style of your Kohimarama home.
  • Durable Materials: Selected for endurance against the coastal elements.
  • Versatile Decking Solutions: From expansive decks for entertainment to tranquil nooks for relaxation.



Retaining Wall Builder Kohimarama

In the varying landscapes of Kohimarama, especially near Aullum Street, our retaining walls provide essential support and add aesthetic value. Constructed with materials that complement the natural surroundings, these walls are as much a feature of beauty as they are of strength.

  • Structural Integrity: Engineered to stabilise and protect your property.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Enhancing the natural charm of Kohimarama’s landscapes.



Gate Installation Kohimarama

At Quality Fencing Auckland, we understand that a gate is more than just an entry point; it’s a statement of style and security. Whether it’s a classic design for a heritage home on Hawera Road or a modern automated gate, we offer a range of styles to suit every home in Kohimarama.

  • Diverse Styles: From traditional to contemporary, matching your home’s architecture.
  • Enhanced Security: Equipped with the latest in security technology.



Fence Installation Kohimarama

We specialise in installing fences that respect the aesthetic diversity of Kohimarama, enhancing homes from Rawhitora Road to the wider suburb. Our fences are not just barriers; they are crafted to complement and enhance the beauty of your property.

  • Custom Solutions: Tailored to align with your property’s style and character.
  • Diverse Range: Options ranging from wood to PVC, catering to different styles and needs.

Pool Fencing Kohimarama – Safety Meets Style

In a suburb where pools are a common feature, our pool fencing solutions balance safety regulations with aesthetic appeal, ensuring your pool area is as stylish as it is safe.



Fencing Options – Modern Solutions for Kohimarama Homes


PVC Fencing: Practical and Stylish

Our PVC fencing is a popular choice among Kohimarama residents, known for its durability and low maintenance needs. Perfect for the coastal climate, it resists corrosion and fading, ensuring long-lasting beauty and functionality.

  • Weather-Resistant: Ideal for Kohimarama’s coastal environment, standing strong against salt and moisture.
  • Variety of Styles: Available in multiple colors and designs, from classic white picket to more contemporary looks.
  • Low Maintenance: Easy to clean and doesn’t require painting or staining, saving you time and effort.



Laminata Fencing: Modern Aesthetic Appeal

Laminata fencing is the go-to option for homeowners seeking a contemporary and robust fencing solution. Its sleek design and sturdy construction make it an ideal choice for modern homes in Kohimarama, providing both privacy and aesthetic appeal.

  • Contemporary Design: A modern look that complements the stylish architecture of Kohimarama homes.
  • High Durability: Made to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring longevity.
  • Easy Installation: Designed for quick and hassle-free installation, causing minimal disruption to your daily life.



Composite Fencing Kohimarama: Eco-Friendly and Durable

Our composite fencing is crafted from a blend of wood fibers and recycled plastics, making it an environmentally friendly choice for the eco-conscious residents of Kohimarama. It combines the natural look of wood with the durability of plastic.

  • Sustainable Materials: Made from recycled components, reducing the environmental footprint.
  • Long-Lasting Beauty: Resistant to rot, warp, and pests, composite fencing maintains its appearance over time.
  • Low Upkeep: Unlike traditional wood fencing, it doesn’t require regular painting or sealing.


We understand that in Kohimarama, where lifestyle and sustainability go hand in hand, these innovative fencing options offer homeowners a way to enhance their property’s security and aesthetic appeal while aligning with their modern living standards. Whether it’s the practicality of PVC, the sleek look of laminata, or the eco-friendliness of composite fencing, Quality Fencing Auckland ensures that every installation meets the unique needs and tastes of Kohimarama residents.



Kohimarama, with its breathtaking coastline and lush parks, is a jewel in Auckland’s crown. Landmarks like Kohimarama Beach and the Michael Joseph Savage Memorial Park are testaments to its natural beauty. At Quality Fencing Auckland, we pride ourselves on delivering services that not only meet the functional needs of the residents but also enhance the distinctive charm of Kohimarama. From a deck offering panoramic views of the Hauraki Gulf to a stylish fence along the tranquil streets, our goal is to enrich your living experience while preserving the unique essence of this beloved suburb. Get in touch today with our friendly team.



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