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What is a Floating Deck?

Understanding Floating Decks Defining a Floating Deck A floating deck, a versatile and stylish addition to any outdoor space, stands distinct from traditional decks. It’s not anchored to a building, offering a freestanding platform, typically resting on blocks or piers rather than being attached to the house with ledger boards. This feature allows flexibility in … Continue reading What is a Floating Deck?

Are Floating Decks Safe?

The Verdict on Floating Decks: Safe or Risky Business?   Defining Floating Decks Floating decks, often dubbed as “freestanding decks”, differentiate themselves by not being anchored to a primary structure. These stand-alone platforms rest on a foundation, commonly deck blocks, and are placed directly on the ground.   Floating Decks: The Talk of Ponsonby Within … Continue reading Are Floating Decks Safe?