How Much Does it Cost to Build a Raised Deck?

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Raised Deck?


As a raised deck is above ground level, it often requires additional structure and support, which can make it more expensive than a ground-level deck. The exact costs depend on factors like the size of the deck, the materials used, and the complexity of the design.


The rough estimated cost for Auckland Deck Builders in 2023 would be approximately:

  • Treated Pine Deck: NZD $312.5 – $437.5 per square metre
  • Hardwood Deck: NZD $437.5 – $562.5 per square metre
  • Composite Deck: NZD $562.5 – $750 per square metre


Remember, these costs can still vary significantly based on design complexity, ground conditions, required consents, and labour costs. And let’s not forget the current inflationary environment that makes pricing and budgets extra challenging in New Zealand recently.


Some other variables to consider when building your raised deck is that certain areas of Auckland might present unique challenges, and hence increased costs, for building a raised deck.


  • Coastal Suburbs (such as Devonport or Piha): In these areas, the combination of salt air and high winds can cause premature wear and tear on your deck, particularly for materials like treated pine. Using hardwood or composite materials, which are more resistant to these conditions, might be a good idea even though they are more expensive.


  • Hilly Suburbs (like Titirangi or Remuera): These areas often have uneven or sloping land, which can increase the complexity and thus the cost of building a raised deck. In such cases, extra structural support will be needed which might increase the overall cost.


  • Densely Populated Suburbs (such as Ponsonby or Grey Lynn): In these suburbs, space can be a significant constraint. It may be more difficult to deliver materials and build the deck, which can increase labor costs. Noise constraints may also mean work can only be done at certain times.


  • Heritage Suburbs (like Parnell or Mount Eden): These areas may have stricter regulations regarding building permits and consents due to heritage protection laws. This can slow down the process and add additional costs.


Lastly, always remember to keep safety in mind while building a deck. Ensure that the correct procedures are followed and that the deck is built to withstand weather and weight loads. The materials should be handled safely to prevent injuries, and personal protective equipment should be used.


The information presented is purely an estimate, and for the most accurate and up-to-date information, please contact our Auckland Deck Building contractors or a professional estimator in your area.