Types of fencing typically used for Commercial and Industrial Buildings in Auckland

In commercial and industrial settings in Auckland, several types of fencing are commonly used, each with its own benefits. Here are some examples:

  1. Chain Link Fencing:
  • Benefits: Chain link fencing is affordable, durable, and provides visibility and airflow. It is low maintenance and can be customized for various security levels. It is also quick and easy to install.
  • Commercial Zones: Commercial zones such as East Tamaki, Wiri, Penrose, and Albany Industrial Estate often utilize chain link fencing for their properties.


  1. Security Mesh Fencing:
  • Benefits: Security mesh fencing offers enhanced security and visibility. It is made of robust materials that are resistant to cutting and climbing. It provides a high level of deterrence and can be customized with additional security features.
  • Commercial Zones: Industrial parks like Highbrook Business Park, Airport Oaks, and North Harbour Industrial Estate commonly employ security mesh fencing to protect their facilities.


  1. Palisade Fencing:
  • Benefits: Palisade fencing is known for its strength, durability, and high-security capabilities. It features vertical steel bars with sharp pointed tops, acting as a strong deterrent to intruders. It offers excellent perimeter protection.
  • Commercial Zones: Areas with a need for high-security fencing, such as commercial zones in Otahuhu, Mount Wellington, and Westgate, may utilize palisade fencing.


  1. Welded Mesh Panel Fencing:
  • Benefits: Welded mesh panel fencing is sturdy, versatile, and offers a combination of security and visibility. It is made of welded steel wires and provides a neat and clean appearance. It can be customized for various applications.
  • Commercial Zones: Business parks and industrial areas like Auckland Airport Business District, Rosebank Peninsula, and Wairau Valley often utilize welded mesh panel fencing for their properties.


  1. Perimeter Electric Fencing:
  • Benefits: Perimeter electric fencing adds an extra layer of security to commercial and industrial properties. It delivers an electric shock when touched, effectively deterring potential intruders. It can be integrated with other security systems for comprehensive protection.
  • Commercial Zones: Areas requiring high-security measures, such as secure storage facilities and data centers, may utilize perimeter electric fencing. Examples include commercial zones in East Tamaki, Mount Wellington, and Onehunga.

When sourcing these types of fencing in Auckland, you can explore local fencing suppliers, industrial hardware stores, or specialized fencing companies. Some reputable suppliers that may offer a range of commercial and industrial fencing products in Auckland include Boundaryline, Fencing Direct, and Fortress Fencing. It is recommended to contact these suppliers directly or visit their websites to inquire about specific products, customization options, and locate their nearest store or authorized dealers in relevant commercial and industrial zones in Auckland. Speak to the friendly team at Quality Fencing Auckland to find out more. https://qualityfencingauckland.co.nz/