What is the cheapest retaining wall option NZ?

The cheapest retaining wall option in New Zealand typically depends on various factors, including the desired height, length, materials, and site conditions. Here are a few cost-effective retaining wall options:

  1. Treated Pine Sleepers: Treated pine sleepers are commonly used for retaining walls and are often the most affordable option. They are available in different sizes and can be easily installed using simple construction techniques.
  1. Concrete Block Walls: Concrete blocks are relatively inexpensive and can be stacked to create a retaining wall. They provide good structural stability and are available in various sizes and styles.
  1. Gabion Walls: Gabion walls are constructed using wire mesh cages filled with rocks or gravel. They are a cost-effective option, especially for larger retaining walls, as the materials used are typically readily available and require minimal processing.
  1. Timber Poles: Timber poles, such as round or square timber posts, can be driven into the ground to create a simple and cost-effective retaining wall. They are particularly suitable for smaller-scale projects.

It’s important to note that while these options may be cost-effective, factors such as site conditions, required engineering, drainage considerations, and any necessary consents or permits can affect the overall cost. It’s recommended to consult with a professional builder, engineer, or landscaping expert to assess your specific requirements and determine the most suitable and cost-effective retaining wall option for your project.